Enrico Formica

Enrico Formica

Author of photographic images

Enrico has always been involved in the arts, first as a hyperrealist painter, then as an illustrator and graphic designer, and finally as a photographer. He produces on demand portraits of environment, lifestyle, and still- life, and he dedicates himself to research and experimentation in a wide range of different sectors related to the fine arts.His pictures are made mainly in large and medium format, and over the years, he has developed a special shooting technique called orbicolare  that allows a 360° view of the environment in a single frame, without any kind of post-production modifications.He oversees the image production process from start to finish, creating a detailed scenographic sketch and, when necessary and/or required, overseeing the editorial post-production. Since 1976 he has collaborated with advertising agencies, studios, companies, organizations and national and international publishing firms. Enrico was born in Valperga (To) on the 22nd of September 1955 and lived for several years in Romano Canavese (To ). He has moved to Châtillon (Ao), where he continues to work with the same creative spirit that has characterized his art throughout his life.

Documentation and reading
of the territorial valorisation

Representation of social habits,
portraits, ethnographic reportages

Objects’ creative settlement
for advertising purposes

Description of processing,
equipment and business activities

The artistic expressions through the ages